Exploring the digital frontier?

We've got your back.


Web and back end. Dependable go-to experts for API and data driven systems. Get connected - quickly, securely, reliably.

Project Management

From concept through final delivery. Clarity, communication and just enough structure to keep you moving forward.


Social media and direct marketing campaign development to aquire new customers and build relationships.

Project Finance

Raising capital for a start-up can be tough. We can help refine your budget and forecasts and design creative funding solutions.

Interim CTO

When you need a part time Chief Technology Officer or need help with IT staffing and operations we can act as your temporary part-time tech partner.

Project Rescue

Budget and schedule untethered? We'll help you get back on track.

Do you have a

Startup idea?

Especially for founders and business decision makers - owners, partners, investors, operators and advisors.

We can help bring your amazing concept to life; and make sure it stays on track. Dependable software design, engineering, testing and deployment efficiently coordinated by seasoned US based native english speaking project managers.

If you don't already have a CTO/Tech partner and you need one, We can step into that role part-time and help you recruit qualified tech staff - and even assist with early stage funding options and strategy.

You know the customer.   We do the digital plumbing.

Financial Services

We developed broad and deep FinTech experience producing successful project outcomes for global banking, investment and insurance firms.


We've worked with legal and compliance professionals on regulatory, forensic, ediscovery, and case management projects.

Marketing & Sales

We've got hands on experience installing, configuring and automating many different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Open-source and commercial varieties.


Since our founding in 2001 we've also done work in the Mobile, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Defense industries.

Simple and Fair


Competitive rates. Choose from three plans. Extra services are available on a cost plus basis. Startup and early stage partners can choose to pay development costs through a mix of cash and equity. Since we have 'skin in the game' we will go above and beyond software development to make the your idea successful in the market.

  • Startup
  • Our team
  • 1 domain
  • proof-of-concept (MVP)
  • 2-3 months
  • From ~$4-7K
  • 5-10% equity
  • Growing
  • Our team
  • Up to 3 domains
  • multi-user system
  • 3-9 months
  • From ~$10-20K
  • 10% equity
  • Expanding
  • Your team
  • Hosting Available
  • Your requirements
  • Your schedule
  • From ~3-20K/month
  • No equity
Next Steps

Reserve a 20 minute call with me, David Faith, the founder here at ProjectMentor.  a wall-street FinTech veteran with loads of startup experience. Together, we will review your concept and answer any questions you have about our process. By the end of the call we'll both know if ProjectMentor is right for you.


ProjectMentor,org is the domain for Certified Project Management, LLC. Established in 2000. ProjectMentor is dedicated to the memory and honor of the many talented, kind, patient and gracious individuals, past and present, too many to name, who have generously shared their wealth of experience and knowledge. Our mission is to continue to pay it forward in the same way.

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